The Tea

CAMELLIA SINESIS, the tea plant, is indigenous to both China and parts of India. Wild tea plants can grow 90 feet and above. In the past monkeys were trained to pick tea leaves and throw them down where they were collected. Today tea plants are cultivated as a plantation crop and therefore the plants are kept to a height of about three feet , for easy picking.

TEA CATEGORIES The three main categories of tea are black, green, and oolong. Within each of these categories there are many varieties. Green teas, Black teas and Oolong teas come from the same tea plant species, the difference being the processing of tea Black tea undergo several hours of oxidation during preparation (accelerated by heat and humidity) Oolong tea is partially fermented and green tea is steamed to stop oxidation.

HISTORY It was during Chinas' Tang Dynasty[6816-906B.C.] that tea became the national beverage of choice. Buddhist priests are thought to have been responsible for spreading the cultivation of tea throughout China and Japan.

Tea contains ample amount of antioxidant that can lower the risk of many chronic diseases man suffers from. Antioxidants are compound that help our bodies detoxify harmful free radicals that work against the immune system. A tea cup is one of the richest source of antioxidants. Antioxidant activity in tea is greater than antioxidant activity in 22 fruits and vegetables.

Item Antioxidant Capacity
Tea 927
Green Tea 814+-30
Spinach 129+-6
Beets 81+-25
Leaf Lettuce 49+-7
Cauliflower 46+-11
Garlic 46+-9
Onion 40+-2
Cabbage 32+-2
Carrot 26+-8
Corn 22+-4
Potato 15+-5
Cucumber 15+-2
Sweet Potato 14+-2

The antioxidant capacity is measured by oxygen radical absorbance method.


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