Gyayak "MAA BETEE TEA", 'acche log acchee pasand'

was launched in 1995 to convert loose tea users into packed tea and obvious to bring quality tea to the people in return to the every paisa they pay for quality tea. The name itself represent strong realationship. the brand is packed in Silver foil Plastic to secure its true & natural aroma and freshness. The Best tea leaves chosen from the assam garden, CTC processed and blended long leaf Darjeeling orthodox tea with the base CTC tea Blend to bring natural flavour.

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Its available in Both LEAF and DUST grade.
Available in 25 GMs, 50 GMs, 100 GMs. 250 GMs, 500 GMs, 1 KG packing.
Packing available in Pet Jars, Tin Jars, Steel Barni and Jute Bag.
Small packs of Rs. 1, Rs. 2  are also available.


Gyayak "MAHI TEA", for 'jyada shakti and sphurti at every sip of tea'

is a strong tea blend. The word mahi taken from the river mahi. Which has its own religious importance and banswara city is also situated near the bank of river mahi.
The tea is available in both LEAF and DUST grade. And in various packing and specially to make available to lower middle class people, a quality tea at cheaper rates.

Available in 25 GMs, 50 GMs, 100 GMs, 250 GMs, 500 GMs, 1 KG packing.
Packing also available in Plastic Jars.
Small packs of Rs. 1, Rs. 2  are also available.


Gyayak "POWER 47 TEA", for 'akhri gunth tak gajab ka swad' 

is a specially blended DUST tea for extra strongness and this is mainly launched to provide quality tea to the hotel i.e small kaitly walas. The Dust tea produces largest number of cups per KG. of tea. And hence it is beneficial and also economical.

Available in 250 GMs, 500 GMs, 1 KG and 5 KG packs.