Our Tea

India is both the largest producer and consumer of black tea in the world. The provinces of Assam and Darjeeling are two of the most renowned names in the tea world. Nilgiri, (South India) although less known, is also a major black tea producer.

Assam Black Tea High altitude and annual rain fall over 100 inches makes this region one of the prime tea growing areas. With nearly 850 tea estates employing 500,000 people tea is the prime source of revenue.

Darjeeling Black Tea. Province of Darjeeling is located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains at an altitude of about 7000ġrjeeling teas are also called 衭pagne of teas䵥 to its quality and aroma resemblance to 峫at粡pes, the most aromatic and flavorfull of all grapes used in Champagne production.

All teas should be stored in airtight containers out of direct sunlight so that they do not loose their flavor or take on foreign aromas.

Some of the most famous tea producing regions are Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Fujian, Kericho, Yunnan.

Teas are flavored with variety of dried fruits and citrus oils. Most popular is oil of Bergamot - a citrus tree native to Italy.

Chamomile, lemongrass, pepermint etc. are called "Herbal Teas" or 鳡nesᮤ there are many blends available.

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