Benefits of Tea

Tea contains health promoting ingredients, lowering the risk of Heart Diseases, Stroke & Cancer. Current research shows tea contains specific antioxidants and health promoting ingredients, lowering the risk of many chronic diseases, stroke and certain types of cancers like oral, pancreatic and prostate

It purifies the blood
Reduces risk of various types of Cancer
Expels heavy Dreams
Relieves the mind of dark thoughts
Relieves and heals vertigo and headaches
Treats dropsy
Is an excellent remedy for catarrh
Dries of humidity
Cures constipation
Protects from bad humours and liver disorders
Is a good remedy for all bladder trouble
Alleviates spleen maladies
Vanquishes drowsiness
Vanquishes dullness
Renders active and energetic
Renders courageous
Eliminate fear
Dissipates pain caused by colic
Is a good remedy for menstrual pain
Strengthens all internal parts
Sharpen the mind
Reinforce the memory
Reinforces the Intelligence
Purges bile
Reinforces sexual energy
Relieves thirst

So it is said, “4 cups a day, keep the doctor away”