Tea Recipes

It is amazing how versatile you can be with Darjeeling Tea. You can ice it, spice it, cream it, punch it, even eat it. You can win friends with it and lose weight with it. But always, you drink your health with it.

Below are a selection of suggestions. Try a few with pure Indian Darjeeling Tea. Remember, Darjeeling is the exotic one, the 'champagne' of teas.

Hot Tea

1. Take fresh water from the cold tap and boil.
2. Warm teapot by rinsing out with hot water.
3. Put one teaspoonful of tea leaf for each cup into teapot.
4. Pour boiling water into it. Cover and wait for three minutes.
5. Pour liquid tea from the teapot into cup through a strainer.
6. Add milk / sugar to taste.

Iced Tea

1. Take fresh water from the cold tap and boil.
2. Put two teaspoonsful of tea into teapot for each person to get strong brew.
3. Pour in boiling water. Cover teapot and wait for at least five minutes.
4. Fill three-fourths of a large glass tumbler with ice cubes. Pour tea from the teapot. Add sugar syrup and sliced lemon to taste, but no milk. You can add a sprig of mint.
5. Cool for a few minutes and imbibe straight or through a straw.

Lemon Tea

A tempter at all times ! Into a piping hot cup of tea, add a few drops of lemon (not milk) and sugar to taste, stir, and sip in the goodness of tea with the richness of lemon.

Hot Spiced Afternoon Tea

4 pints water 4 oz. sugar
1/2 level tsp. whole cloves 1/4 pint Orange Juice Or
squash Juice of 2 lemons
1/2 a stick of cinnamon Cinnamon sticks to serve
1 oz. tea  
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Add the spices to the water and bring to the boil. Pour onto the tea and allow to brew for 5 minutes. Stir, strain onto the sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the fruit juices. To reheat before serving (if necessary) place over a low heat-do not simmer or boil. Serve with cinnamon sticks.
Sufficient for 12 people.

Tea Fruit Cup

4 oz. sugar 1/4 pint lemon squash
2 pints water 1/4 pint pineapple Squash
1/4 pint strong fresh tea, strained 1 small bottle lemonade
1/4 pint Fruit Syrup (e.g. rose hip) 12 fresh or canned cherries
1/4 pint orange squash 2 bananas, sliced Ice

Boil the sugar and 1/4 pint water together for 5 minutes. Add the cooled tea, the rest of the water, the fruit syrup and fruit squashes. Chill and when ready to serve add the other ingredients and the ice.
Sufficient for 12 people.

Tea Punch

1/2 pint strong tea 2 small bottles ginger ale
6 oz. sugar 11 large bottle lemonade
1/2 pint orange squash 1 orange, sliced
4 tbsps. lemon juice   

Put the hot tea in a bowl, add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the orange squash and lemon juice and strain. Chill. Just before serving mix in the ginger ale, lemonade and orange slices. Sufficient for 12 people.

Tea Ice Cream

For making 2 lbs. of tea ice cream
(a) Dry tea (with good flavour) 2 oz  (d) Fresh milk 2 lbs
(b) Refined sugar 1 lb (e) Water 10 oz 1
(c) Arrowroot or cornflour 1 oz   

1. Heat water and remove quickly from fire when boiling. Rinse out teapot with hot water and put in tea leaves. Pour boiling water into teapot. Infuse for 8 to10 minutes. Strain off infusion and keep aside.
2. Boil milk. Next, blend sugar with arrowroot (or cornflour) thoroughly and add lo boiled milk. Let mixture simmer for about10 minutes stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Remove from fire, add tea infusion, stir and freeze.

Tea Jelly

2 lemons  3/4 pint (approx.)
1 pkt. lemon jelly freshly brewed tea

Whipped cream to decorate Grate the skins of the lemons finely. Place the jelly in a measure and make up to 1 pint with freshly brewed tea. Stir until dissolved, then cool. When it is slightly thickened stir in the grated lemon peel and pour into a wetted 1-pint mould or into individual moulds. Decorate with cream.